Elite teams are selected to compete in school championships.  Funding for these teams to participate is provided by combined contributions from the P&C, team member families and Bally Basketball fundraising.

Australian Schools Championships

The Australian Schools Championships are held in Melbourne.  In 2019 an elite NBSC (Northern Beaches School Campus) team drove down to Melbourne with Ben Knight, Bernard Roberts, and volunteer parents for our first National competition.  This was a challenging yet fantastic experience for all the boys.
Tryouts for teams will take place later in the year.

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In 2019 Bally won the 2nd Division Tournament.  The first public school do to this in the 12 year history of the competition.

Championships are scheduled for October each year.  
​Tryouts for teams will take place prior to October.


​Shell Cup is a knockout competition managed by Sydney North Schools Association.  
​Our Senior Shell Cup teams play in February.